An Animal Face to the Climate Change Conundrum

The Bigger Issue We’ve seen several photographs recently highlighting the trauma inflicted upon many animals due to the unprecedented rate of change in the world’s climatic systems (from the already iconic photo of a koala from the Australian bushfires to starving polar bears). This shocking imagery kicks our empathetic system into gear as we sympathise... Continue Reading →

The Abductive Detective: Prologue

The heavy panting of the ginger haired man reverberated into the foggy night. His legs demanded that he stop to give them time to rejuvenate, but the sharp and penetrating echos of the twigs that snapped merely metres behind him only perpetuated the adrenaline beating through his veins.

Orbiting a Black Hole

If the Sun were to collapse into a black hole right now, would we survive? Before we tackle this question, let's get our hands dirty with a bit of the physics behind black holes. Firstly we have to find out what they actually are, and how they were proposed in the first place. On top... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of the Universe

At the turn of the twentieth century, the solution to a trivial problem in physics led to one of the most revolutionary theories imaginable. Now, more than a century later it seems as though history is on the verge of repeating itself with the realisation that our world, along with the rest of the observable... Continue Reading →

Falling into a Black Hole

The year is 2241. You are an astronaut on-board the 'Orion Interstellar Space Module', or OISM for short. You contemplate what your journey has in store, but know that it is of little use to ponder over. The hatchet doors lock into place, its metallic joints fully lubricated. You fall into a deep slumber as... Continue Reading →

Tides of a Jupiter System

Life. It is abundant on this world we call Planet Earth. But where else could life possibly exist in our solar system? Mars, maybe Venus? Possibly. But there is one other planetary body which NASA has their eye's set upon - Europa. Europa itself is just a satellite - one of the four large moon... Continue Reading →

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