Colliding Galaxies

The Andromeda Galaxy has its course set for a head on collision with our own Milky Way Galaxy....But what will happen when it reaches us?

The ‘other’ page

So at the beginning of the year I decided to create my own science page on Facebook. I happened to have the brilliant idea about two weeks before beginning the semester, for which was going to be a difficult one (and still is, btw!). Needless to say, I became inundated with work and decided to... Continue Reading →

The… inception?

This is my very first blog... ever! Greetings people, let me introduce myself as the one and only Billy The Kid (only kidding, just Billy). So I'm currently completely my undergad in physics (hell yeah!), and that pretty much takes up most of my time I guess. However, I've decided to start a blog because... Continue Reading →

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